Reports, Toolkits & Books

annual_report_2020.pngENAR 2020 Annual Report (2020)
supsicion_discrimination_surveillance_report_cover_preview.jpg Suspicion, Discrimination, and Surveillance: the impact of counter terrorism law and policy on racialised groups at risk of racism in Europe (2021) and Report Summary with national executive summaries for France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, and Poland
ai_equal_at_work_tool_kit.jpg Artificial intelligence in HR: how to address racial biases and algorithmic discrimination in HR? (2021)
intersectionality_report_small.pngIntersectional discrimination in Europe: relevance, challenges and ways forward (2020) and Report Summary
intersectionality_and_hate_crime_small.pngHate crime provisions in EU member states: the importance of an intersectional approach to ensure victims’ rights (2020)
annual_report_2019_small-2.pngENAR 2019 Annual Report (2020)
resources_covid_toolkit_small.pngResources for organisers in times of COVID-19 crisis (2020)
data_profiling_cover_small.pngData-driven policing: the hardwiring of discriminatory policing practices across Europe (2019)
e_w_mental_health_small.pngEqual@work Toolkit: Race and mental health at work – Ensuring wellbeing and equality in the workplace (2019)
annual_report_2018_small.jpgENAR 2018 Annual Report (2019)
antigypsyism_book_cover_small-2.pngDimensions of Antigypsyism in Europe (2019)
napar_small.pngNational Action Plans Against Racism: Lessons for effective national anti-racism policies (2019)
report_intersectionality_small.pngReport of ENAR’s European symposium on intersectionality: a tool for equality and justice in Europe (2019)
advocacy_handbook_small.jpgAdvocacy Handbook: Refugees’ access to higher education and beyond (2018)
migrants_speak_up_small.pngMigrants, speak up: what migrants tell us about their experiences in the European Union (2018)
counter_terrorism_toolkit_small.jpgToolkit: Documenting the discriminatory impact of counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation in the European Union (2018)
equalatwork.pngEqual@work Toolkit: Women of colour in the workplace (2018)
enar_history_booklet_small.jpgENAR History Booklet (2018)
annual_report_2017_small.jpgENAR 2017 Annual Report (2018)
enar_001_d4_hr-1small-2.jpgMigrants, Speak Up! Survey – Key findingsTechnical report (2017)
8th_equal_work_refugee_inclusion_small.pngEqual@work Toolkit: Refugee inclusion in the workplace: A guide for employers (2017)
debunking_myths_muslim_women_small.pngDebunking myths on women’s rights, Muslim women, feminism and Islamophobia in Europe (2017)
annual_report_2016_small.pngENAR 2016 Annual Report (2017)
7th_equal_work_web-2.pngEqual@work Toolkit: Managing religious diversity in the workplace (2016)
annual_report_2015_small.jpgENAR 2015 Annual Report (2016)
forgotten_women_report_small.jpgForgotten women: the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women (2016)
6th_equal_work_small.pngReport of the 6th Equal@work meeting: Equality data collection in employment and the workplace (2015)
annual_report_2014small.pngENAR 2014 Annual Report (2015)
guide_racist_crime_small.jpgMonitoring EU law on racist crime: A guide for civil society (2015)
pad_book.pngInvisible Visible Minority: Confronting Afrophobia and advancing equality for people of African descent and Black Europeans in Europe (2015)
equality_data_collection_small.jpgMeasure, plan, act: How data collection can support racial equality (2014)
e_w_glass_ceiling_small.pngReport of the 5th Equal@work meeting: Glass ceiling for ethnic minorities (2014)
annual_report_2013small.pngENAR 2013 Annual Report (2014)
equality_data_collection_report.pngReport of the ENAR-OSF 2013 Symposium on equality data collection (2014)
_nohateep2014_enar_article_small.jpg#NoHateEP2014 Report of hate speech incidents during the European Parliament elections campaign (2014)
poster_afrophobia.pngReport of the hearing on Afrophobia in the European Parliament (2014)
4th_equal_worksite.pngReport of the 4th Equal work meeting: How EU policies support or hinder the hiring of migrants in Europe (2013)
hidden_talents_-_small.jpgHidden Talents, Wasted Talents? The real cost of neglecting the positive contribution of migrants and ethnic minorities (2013)
symposium_publication_-_recycling_hatred_small.pngRecycling Hatred: Racism(s) in Europe Today – A dialogue between academics, equality experts and civil society activists (2013)
3rd_equal_work_site.pngReport of the 3rd Equal work meeting: Reasonable accommodation of cultural diversity in the workplace (2012)
far_rightsite.pngFar-right parties and discourse in Europe: A challenge for our times (2012)
mrip_toolkit.pngToolkit: Working on migrant integration at local level (2011)
debunking_mythssite.pngDebunking myths and revealing truths about the Roma (2011)
integration_beyond_migrationsite.pngIntegration beyond Migration: Kicking off the debate (2011)
report_of_enar_s_2nd_ad_hoc_expert_group_site.pngReport of ENAR’s 2nd Ad Hoc Expert Group on promoting equality in employment (2011)
racist_violence_in_eu-site.pngRacist Violence in Europe (2011) – Supported by Open Society Foundations and PROGRESS (2007-2013) (2011)
target_setting_forsite.pngTarget-setting for improving the socio-economic situation of migrants and ethnic minorities in Europe (2011)
report_of_enar_s_1st_ad_hoc_expert_groupsite.png[Report of ENAR’s Ad Hoc Expert Group on promoting equality in employment (2010)
social_and_employmentsite.pngThe social and employment dimensions of the EU’s Lisbon Strategy for growth and jobs (2009)
the_eu_lisbon_treatysite.pngThe EU Lisbon Treaty: What implications for anti-racism? (2009)
advocacy_bookletsite.pngCombating racist crime and violence: testimonies and advocacy strategies (2009)
15principles_for_framingsite.png15 Principles for framing a positive approach to migration (2009)

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