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    Karen Taylor ENAR Chair

    Karen Taylor


    Germany - Each One Teach One (EOTO)

    Ghislain Vedeux ENAR vice-chair

    Ghyslain Vedeux

    1st Vice-Chair

    France - Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires

    Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin ENAR 2nd Vice-Chair

    Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin

    2nd Vice-Chair

    Finland - Anti-Racist Forum

    Sidra updated background website portrait

    Shaban Sidratu Jah Sesay


    Spain - European Network of Women of African Descent (ENWAD)

    Zlakha Ahmed ENAR board member

    Zlakha Ahmed

    Board Member

    United Kingdom - Apna Haq

    Federica Dadone ENAR board member

    Federica Dadone

    Board Member

    Hungary - United for Intercultural Action

    Xavier Donker ENAR board member

    Xavier Donker

    Board Member

    Netherlands - Stichting Ocan

    Giulia Frova ENAR board member

    Giulia Frova

    Board Member

    Italy - Il Razzismo e una brutta storia

    Anne Nolan ENAR board member

    Anne Nolan

    Board Member

    Ireland - Waterford Integration Services

    Nyanchama Okemwa ENAR board member

    Nyanchama Okemwa

    Board Member

    Belgium - Hand in Hand Against Racism

    Rahel website portrait photo

    Rahel Weldeab Sebhatu

    Board Member

    Sweden - Pan-African Movement for Justice


    Kim L. Smouter Umans ENAR co-Director

    Kim L. Smouter Umans

    Director (General)

    +32 2 229 35 72

    Biography + -

    Kim L. Smouter Umans joined ENAR in March 2022. Kim previously worked as ESOMAR’s Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards, having joined ESOMAR in 2012. While there, he headed a small team of professional standards and public affairs experts championing the value of market, opinion and social research and data analytics.

    Through his former role, he also worked to promote the interests of over 5,000 professionals and 550 companies working in the field of market, opinion and social research and data analytics, leading ESOMAR’s advocacy efforts on major policy dossiers including the General Data Protection Regulation and the ePrivacy Regulation. Kim also served a stint as Secretary General of the European Network of National Civil Society Associations. As its first Secretary General, Kim laid the foundations for securing its role and its future as one of Europe’s leading bodies defending the interests of the non-profit sector by bringing together over 20 national civil society infrastructure platforms.

    He has also served in various policy roles working for the North East England Office in Brussels and in the European Parliament working in the fields of social policy, education, and employment. He holds a master’s degree in European Public Affairs and a bachelor’s degree in European Studies and is a graduate of the University of Maastricht.

    Languages: English, Dutch, French

    Ojeaku Nwabuzo ENAR co-Director

    Ojeaku Nwabuzo

    Director (Policy, Advocacy and Network Development)

    +32 2 229 35 76

    Biography + -

    Ojeaku joined ENAR in 2014 as the Shadow Report Officer. She previously worked at Runnymede, a race equality think tank in the UK, as a research and policy analyst where she led on various projects including the Race Equality Scorecard and the Riot Roundtables. During her time at Runnymede Ojeaku also carried out research for the Deaths in Custody and mental health research project, the UK Race and Europe Network (UKREN) and developed various resources that captured individual and community histories on migration and belonging. Ojeaku has extensive experience of working in children and young people’s charities including the National Children’s Bureau where she provided advice and support to the Department for Education. Ojeaku holds a BSc in Politics from the University of Southampton and an MA in Political Communications from Goldsmiths, University of London.

    Languages: English and French

    Mahmoud AbuRahma ENAR Impact and Process Officer

    Mahmoud AbuRahma

    Impact and Process Officer

    +32 2 229 35 78

    Biography + -

    Mahmoud AbuRahma joined ENAR in January 2020. He holds a Master’s degree in the Theory and Practice of Human Rights from the University of Essex, UK. He is experienced in programme and project management and international advocacy.
    Throughout his career, he led civil society efforts to empower local communities through civic education and civic action to strengthen democratisation and rights-based approaches in Palestine. He also worked on the promotion and protection of human rights through the international law framework in Palestine and the Middle East region; focusing on human rights and IHL protection and advocacy. He is also working on combating the shrinking civic space and the empowerment and protection of human rights defenders.

    During this time, he carried out a research fellowship at the centre for Applied Human Rights at the University of York, UK, and served on the Executive Committee of the EuroMed Rights Network.

    Languages: Arabic, English, Dutch

    portrait of Nourhene ENAR

    Nourhene Mahmoudi

    Policy and Advocacy Officer

    +32 2 229 35

    Biography + -

    Nourhene has joined ENAR as Policy and Advocacy Advisor in September 2022 to cover for Julie’s maternity leave. Her main responsibility is to support the implementation of the organisation’s advocacy strategy, monitor EU policy developments, and carry out the work around the EU ARAP/NAPARs and related dossiers. Nourhene is an anti-racist and youth activist with experience in advocacy for the rights of racialised communities and has previously covered leadership positions in youth organisations. Her passion for racial justice brought her to be involved from a young age in NGOs where she gained experience in youth activism and youth rights, campaigning, advocacy, and anti-racism work, including Islamophobia. She is concluding her studies in Comparative Cultures and Languages with Political Sciences orientation where she is writing her thesis on the European Anti-racism Action Plan.”

    Julie Pascoet ENAR Senior Advocacy Officer

    Julie Pascoët

    Senior Advocacy Officer

    +32 2 229 35 74

    Biography + -

    Julie Pascoet is Senior Advocacy Officer at ENAR. She has a master in European and International Affairs from the Paris 8 University in France. She is an advocacy expert specialised in EU policies and legislations related to racial equality and justice. With her team, she has initiated and piloted innovative initiatives such as the 2-year project “Forgotten women: the impact of islamophobia on Muslim women”, which led to the first ever European report and symposium on intersectional discrimination targeting Muslim women. She has also supported the creation of group-based coalitions such as the Alliance against antigypsyism and coalitions against islamophobia.

    She has been steering the work of ENAR around the adoption of the new EU anti-racism action plan and more generally on racial justice policy making such as intersectionality and EU standards for national action plans against racism. She coordinated the organisation of the first European symposium on intersectionality that took place in Brussels on 3rd October 2018 and that gathered 100 policy makers, practitioners and academics.

    Languages: French, English and Spanish

    Magda Boulabiza ENAR Advocacy Officer: Employment, Diversity & Inclusion

    Magda Boulabiza

    Advocacy Officer: Employment, Diversity & Inclusion

    +32 2 229 35 73

    Biography + -

    Magda-Sarah joined ENAR in 2021. She has gained experience as a legal trainee at CSH Avocats in the field of migration and asylum law, where she advised and guided asylum seekers to obtain legal protection in France, in collaboration with several NGOs and public authorities. In addition, during her time as a legal consultant at ENHESA in Brussels, she developed Corporate Social Responsibility content and best practices on diversity and inclusion of minority groups in the workplace for Fortune 500 companies.

    She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Law and Public Affairs.

    Languages: French, English, Spanish

    Oyidiya Oji ENAR advocacy and policy advisor

    Oyidiya Oji

    Advocacy and Policy Advisor: Digital Rights

    +32 2 229 35 70

    Biography + -

    Oyidiya Oji joined ENAR in September 2022 as Policy and Advocacy Advisor for Digital Rights. Her experience with data science led her to discover digital rights. She focuses her work on welfare automation, migration control and EU law enforcement. Before that, she has been researching and mapping projects on resistance and reappropriation of technologies with a special attention to AI. For several years, she has been supporting grassroots organisations with an anti-racist and artivism approach in Spain. Oyidiya holds a master’s degree in International Business from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

    Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and French

    Radost Zaharieva ENAR advocacy policy advisor

    Radost Zaharieva

    Advocacy and Policy Advisor

    +32 2 229 35 70

    Biography + -

    Radost Zaharieva joined ENAR as an Advocacy and Policy Advisor in October 2022. Radost specialises in Human Rights protection, environmental justice and social inclusion combining Political science background with extensive experience working with European institutions, international and national organisations and bodies, and civil society. She has expertise in European advocacy and policy development as well as monitoring and reporting, policy-oriented research and investigation. Holding a M.A in International Relations and European studies from the Sorbonne and the University of Cergy-Pontoise and a B.A in International relations and Roma language from INALCO (Paris), Radost gained knowledge and skills in conducting critical studies and providing tailored policy advice addressing political, social, economic, and environmental issues affecting vulnerable groups. Last but not least, Radost is an activist striving to achieve social justice which is a guiding principle in her professional carrier focusing on the major causes of structural inequalities, including discrimination and human rights violation.

    Nadia Asri

    Network Development Officer

    +32 2 229 35 77


    Nadia joined the ENAR team as a Network Development Officer in January 2021. She is an experienced trainer/facilitator, with a background in anti-racism, peace education and inclusion work. After graduating from SOAS, University of London with a First Class degree in Anthropology and Law, she worked at the International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International as a Project Officer.

    Languages: English

    Nabil Sanaullah ENAR Communication and Press Officer

    Nabil Sanaullah

    Communications and Press Officer

    +32 2 240 57 21

    Biography + -

    Nabil joined ENAR as the Communications and Press Officer in February 2021. His passion for this field started during his music career and continued to grow through various experiences across different industries. From 2018 to 2021, he worked for a social enterprise devoted to empowering at-risk youth where he developed and oversaw the company’s communication and media strategies. Before that, he worked as a Marketing Assistant while also taking on writing projects as a freelancer.

    Languages: English, French

    Laura ENAR Network Communications Associate

    Laura Thyssen Thorøe

    Network Communications Associate

    +32 2 229 35 70

    Biography + -

    Laura joined ENAR as the Network Communications Associate in November 2022. She has a degree in Intercultural Marketing Communication, and has helped NGOs improve their communication strategies and reach. Laura is a feminist activist and has previously worked with research and communication concerning women’s rights violations.

    Languages: English, Danish

    Izabela Jurczik-Arnold ENAR Development and Granting Officer

    Izabela Jurczik-Arnold

    Development and Granting Officer

    Biography + -

    Izabela joined ENAR in December 2021, bringing in her background in the field of intercultural education, youth and learning mobility. Most recently, as the Head of Education and Training at the European Federation for Intercultural Learning, she had been in charge of developing capacity building services for member organisations across Europe. She has experience as a project manager, fund-raiser and trainer on both organisational development and intercultural topics.

    Languages: Polish, English, French, Italian

    Anne-Sophie Marchant ENAR Administrator

    Anne-Sophie Marchant


    +32 2 229 35 79

    Biography + -

    Anne-Sophie first joined the ENAR Foundation in September 2013 before working at ENAR since January 2014. She has a degree in event communication & marketing. After graduating, she worked in Beijing for Intel and in Belgium in the event field.

    Languages: French, English, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish

    Myriam De Feyter ENAR Administrator

    Myriam De Feyter


    +32 2 229 35 70

    Biography + -

    Myriam De Feyter is one of ENAR’s administrators. Between 2010 and 2017, Myriam worked for ENAR as Deputy Director Administration, Finance and HR. Since 2018, she is the second administrator. Myriam joined ENAR in 2005. She has an MA in Sinology and Public Administration from Ghent University (Belgium). As of 1985, she worked for the Belgian Foreign Affairs Ministry in Beijing (China) and Ottawa (Canada). In 1994, she moved on as the Coordinator of the Canadian NGO Network on International Human Rights (Ottawa, Canada). Myriam was in 1998-1999 the coordinator the Canadian Human Rights Foundation’s International Human Rights Training Programme (present Equitas) in Montreal, Canada. Back in Europe, Myriam set up December 18, the former international advocacy and resource centre on the human rights of migrant workers for which she volunteered until 2010. On the community level she is actively involved in the neighbourhood community center, the women’s organisation Habrezi and the Picturale.

    Languages: Dutch, English, French, Mandarin

    Ines Boudghene

    Budget Officer

    +32 2 229 35 70

    Biography + -

    Ines joined ENAR as Budget Officer in 2017. She is responsible for managing and optimising ENAR’s budget. She has hands-on experience of coordinating and managing employee benefits worldwide for multinational clients.

    Languages: French, English


    Leticia Martin

    Biography + -

    Originally from Spain, I’ve been living in France for three years now. I have a degree in Audiovisual Communication, another one in Arts History and a Master’s degree in Research in Human Sciences. I am also a swing dancer and instructor. My love and passion for this Afroamerican dance brought me to the need of educating myself on racism and cultural appropriation. My work, both in the arts and dancing fields, has always been focused on dealing with gender and race discrimination. While building myself as a feminist I became aware of the multiple oppressions I was being part of and of the complexity of this intersectionality. Joining ENAR’s volunteer team follows my intention to fulfill my duty as a white anti-racist woman.

    Myriam Mhamedi

    Biography + -

    I have a Masters in Communications and an MA in Gender and Development. I am French Moroccan and have lived in both countries as well as in the UK for 3 years. I have previously worked in a European Institution but I now work for an NGO working on gender-based violence as a Communications Officer. I also use my free time to volunteer in different organisations working on minority rights. Throughout the years, doing case work as a volunteer and working with minorities and vulnerable people has given me a deep understanding of mechanisms of marginalisation in Europe and their intersectional nature. I am very passionate about inequalities and human rights and I am particularly interested in the interactions between culture, race and gender.

    Ryan Plano

    Biography + -

    Originally from the United States, I have lived abroad since 2016 and currently reside in France. In both my work and volunteer efforts, I am interested in the issues surrounding forced migration, human rights, and regional and international governance. I currently contribute to a blog covering climate change-induced displacement, and I help review grant applications to support LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum-seekers in Canada. I hold an MSc in International Migration and Public Policy from the London School of Economics, and a BA in Political Science and International Development Studies from McGill University. I am honored to assist ENAR with its important mission. Combatting racism and discrimination in all forms is vital to ensuring Europe is a place where all are welcome and able to thrive.

    Aleksandra Sanadrovic

    Biography + -

    I am from Vojvodina, Serbia’s northern province and home to 26 different ethnic groups. I have a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia and a master’s degree in Security Studies from the Aberystwyth University in Wales, the United Kingdom. After finishing my studies, I moved to Vienna, where I also volunteer at Caritas, tutoring a refugee child in English and accompanying an asylum seeker in the leisure activities. I speak English, German, French, and Hungarian. I joined ENAR’s volunteer team in hope to expose racist and xenophobic behaviour, tackle such issues and ultimately celebrate the diversity and cultural richness of Europe.


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