Last push for the European elections! Let’s join forces!

In one week’s time, all of us in the European Union are asked to vote for the next European Parliament.

These elections are hugely important. They will determine our capacity to achieve further progress on equality for ethnic and religious minorities over the next five years in the EU. There is so much more to do to get legal protection against racist violence, to tackle all forms of racism and discrimination, to promote diversity in the workplace, etc. In view of the tasks ahead, we badly need a progressive European Parliament if we want to achieve more equality in Europe.

Given projections on the rise of far right politicians in the next European Parliament, now it is NOT the time to be complacent.

This is why we all need to continue to be engaged, and give one last push over the next week.

You have done a lot to mobilise for the elections already over the past few months. And here’s what we all need to continue to do:

• Get more candidates and parties in your country to endorse ENAR’s equality demands – this is our time to gain support from politicians and to get them to commit.

  • You can use the template message attached (in English and French) to contact the candidates of your country
  • You can also tweet them by using this template: @xxx Ready to promote equality? Endorse our #EP2014 7 Demands for more equality in the EU! @ENAREurope

• Mobilise the vote – we need everyone who cares and is committed to human rights and equality to come out to vote. So get the word out to your community, to your friends, family and allies. Make sure that they vote on 22-25 May…and that you do too!

• Report discriminatory, racist or homophobic campaign speech made by candidates or parties during the election campaign, with our online reporting form. We have already published a first report on hate speech in the #EP2014 campaign. You can make use of this report within your constituencies and also to communicate with ethnic/community and mainstream media.


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