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What is a Just transition? – Interview with The Green Fix

Have you ever wondered what a ‘Just Transition’ actually means? ENAR Policy and Advocacy Advisor, Magda-Sarah Boulabiza, spoke with The Green Fix to explore what a Just Transition could look like in the context of a capitalism-fueled climate crisis. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

The Green Fix: What is a Just Transition?

Magda-Sarah: The climate crisis is a result of the interconnection between structural racism and neo-colonial capitalism. Racialized people are being exploited for the financial benefit of a few European states and elites. This has led to a system of oppression where certain groups, like the Sami or the Irish travellers, are being denied access to employment, social services, and a safe and healthy environment.

So, for us, the just transition is a transformative political, economic, and social framework that should be based on the principles of equity, justice, accountability, and participation in democracy.”

You can read the full interview below!


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