Tour of EU institutions

Interaction with EU Institutions has been a key moment of our anti-racist conventions of the last couple of years. With the view to make these interactions as meaningful as possible, ENAR is proposing this year again 2 sessions.

“Meet your MEP” at the European Parliament:

Members will have meetings with MEP(s) from their countries. Members should use this opportunity to raise awareness of MEPs on issues of anti-racism and make concrete suggestions to MEPs as to how they can support their organisations’ goals.

Members should come prepared to:
– Describe the work of your organisation and its anti-racist mission
– Outline the priorities for anti-racism in your country
– Explain the ENAR network and its goals
– Make concrete suggestions as to how the MEP could support your work and that of ENAR

Structured exchanges with the European Commission and Estonian Presidency of the EU:

Following our session at the European Parliament, 4 parallel sessions will take place with 3 group meetings with representatives of the European Commission and the Permanent Representation of Estonia (the upcoming member state to hold the Presidency of the EU Council). Members will have an opportunity to hear about a specific policy area. Members have been pre-allocated workshops according to stated preferences.

The four sessions will be as follows:

1) Unit Fundamental rights policy – European Commission DG Justice
Discussion with Chiara Adamo, Head of Unit; David Friggieri, Coordinator on combating anti-Muslim hatred; Katharina Von Schnurbein, Coordinator on combating Antisemitism

2) Unit Non-discrimination and Roma coordination and Unit Disability and Inclusion – European Commission DGs Justice and Employment
Discussion with Szabolcs Schmidt, Head of Unit; Emmanuelle Grange, Head of Unit

3) Unit Legal migration and integration – European Commission DG Home Affairs
Discussion with Antoine Savary, Deputy Head of Unit

4) Estonian Permanent Representation to the EU
Discussion with Ms Helena Pall – Counsellor for Social Affairs: Social policy, equal treatment and accessibility, gender equality, SPC

Read the Briefing for members on meetings with EU policy makers


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