Programme and practical information

Check out an outline of the programme for ENAR’s General Assembly, and practical details. The ENAR Board and staff are very much looking forward to welcoming you in Brussels in June!


The theme of this year’s General Assembly will be “Protecting our communities – Protecting ourselves”.

For many anti-racist activists, violence is perceived as part of the “package”. Often, they have faced some form of violence in life, which has contributed, more often than not, to bringing them where they are now: on the front for racial equality.

Challenging structures of domination is expected to raise a (dis)proportionate form of resistance, of violence – and stories of anti-racist struggles are replete with brutality and loss of lives. However, many anti-racist activists seldom “factor” violence in their struggles, their strategies.

How to protect our communities, ourselves, our infrastructures in the current context, with the increasing pressure of far-right violence? How to foster our collective resilience? How to protect ourselves from toxic media narratives? The General Assembly will seek to address many of these questions, and offer tools and perspectives to collectively improve our safety.

In the afternoon of your arrival day, on 22 June as from 13.00, we will meet with Members of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Commission and of the EU Presidency.

On 23 June, we will have a day of workshops on a variety of topics. The workshops will be led by members and external stakeholders depending on the topics.

On 24 June, we will focus on statutory business – including election of new Board members, adoption of ENAR’s 2017-2020 Strategic Objectives; presentations and discussions on ENAR’s 2016 results and 2018 work programme.



Briefing for members on meetings with EU policy makers

Draft minutes of the 2016 General Assembly

ENAR Annual Report 2016

Finances – Global overview 2016
Finances – Budget summary 2016
Finances – Balance sheet
Finances – Auditor’s report 2016

Revision of ENAR statutes and operating manual – final text to be adopted

ENAR Strategic objectives and key outcomes – final document to be adopted following consultation

Practical information

Information sheet

The meeting will be paperless so please think about printing the documents if needed or bring your tablet/laptop.

Note that only member organisations that have paid the annual membership fee can take part in the GA.

It is possible for more than one representative to attend the General Assembly but ENAR will cover the expenses only for one representative. It also means that the organisation only has one vote during the statutory session.

For any questions regarding logistics, please contact


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