Our members’ work

Training migrant and refugee communities against hate crime – Greek Forum of Migrants, Greece

The Greek Forum of Migrants 2019 “Against Hate Crime” project aimed to empower and build capacity of migrant and refugee communities to support victims of racist crime and enhance public visibility of racist crime incidents.

GFM conducted a needs assessment within 20 communities in the network which identified three issues to address: a) identification of racist crime; b) lack of information about hate crime reporting; c) the lack of trust towards institutions and the outcomes of reporting such incidents.

They organised workshops with the Greece Anti-Racist Police Department and the Racist Violence Reporting Network on reporting hate crime including police violence.

GFM also published guidelines for reporting hate crimes, translated into 11 languages.

They will now distribute the guidelines within their network of 40 migrant and refugee communities and provide support to their members when they report hate crime incidents.

Documenting anti-Muslim hate speech in Slovakia – Islamic Foundation in Slovakia

This project aimed to monitor and document all cases of anti-Muslim hate speech by politicians, and in particular by candidates during all election campaigns in Slovakia in 2019.

The Islamic Foundation in Slovakia published an annual report on Islamophobia, and the findings were continuously published on their website and Facebook page.

Overcoming the culture of hate – Ljubljana Pride Parade Association, Slovenia

This project aimed to provide a critical and mobilising perspective to Slovenian civil society on standing against hate (with a focus on hate speech) towards all marginalised and/or minority groups, with special emphasis on racialised groups and those facing LGBTIQ+ hate and intersectional discrimination.

The Ljubljana Pride Parade Association organised capacity building activities including a DecontRamination workshop on making pride banners. They also organised a seminar and public discussion Overcoming the Culture of Hate Speech, as well as a training on anti-racism.

These activities enabled them to build coalitions and mobilise different communities in the field of anti-racism work and addressing hate speech.

In 2020, they will continue their DecontRamination project, reporting and transforming hate speech in public spaces.

ENAR member organisations working on racist crime and speech

CEJI Facing Facts project

KISA (Cyprus)

RAA Sachsen (Germany)

IReport (Ireland)

People for Change Foundation (Malta)


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