ENAR is a strong professional organisation bringing together a unique set of skills, EU expertise and knowledge as well as campaigning experience.

Our strengths

ENAR advocates and campaigns for better EU anti-racism policies and legislation

ENAR connects grass-roots organisations and top decision-makers

ENAR builds bridges between ethnic/religious communities

ENAR creates synergies between the private sector, academia and NGOs

ENAR brings change at the local level

ENAR monitors trends in racism and offers solutions

Setting trends: ENAR strives to be ahead of the game when it comes to content, methodologies and practices. We identify and set new trends and, in this way, drive change.

Creating synergies: ENAR recognises the value of partnerships to address complex patterns of discrimination. We team up with the movers and shakers to drive change together. ENAR is a convener: we bring our stakeholders together and stimulate cooperation and joint initiatives on equality and diversity.

Providing a safe space: We believe in respectful dialogue and exchange of views. ENAR’s activities always ensure a safe space in which every participant can speak his/her mind freely and without disrespectful critique. ENAR only supports actions and advocacy grounded in the philosophy of non-violence and intercultural dialogue. Cross-community mobilisation and an open exchange of views are at the heart of our actions.

Thinking about the broader picture: ENAR analyses how anti-racism interacts with the wider social and economic developments in Europe. Our proposals for change are grounded in a human rights based approach. They articulate progressive narratives, policies and measures that benefit everyone, including ethnic and religious minorities, by leveraging up social protections, wealth and power redistribution, equality, solidarity and well-being for all. We ensure that gender and other grounds of diversity are mainstreamed in our advocacy.

Constant learning: ENAR constantly adapts its strategies and ways of working. We experiment with new methodologies and approaches to ensure we do not miss any opportunity to improve. While closely following the latest societal and institutional changes, we also regularly take a step back to rethink and develop new constructive approaches and concepts to support anti-racist advocacy.

Evaluating impact: ENAR evaluates all its activities – successes or failures – and uses Key Performance Indicators to assess its advocacy impact, both quantitatively and qualitatively. We track the changes we bring to the field and we report to our constituencies, funders and benefactors on our impact.

Walking the talk: ENAR provides an environment based on equality and trust for its employees. We prioritise team spirit through a flat hierarchy and open communication. Everyone is encouraged to speak his/her own mind, challenge the obvious and bring new ideas and improvements. We develop the talents of our team members and create champions. In matters of diversity management, we do what we preach.

Our members

ENAR member organisations are its strength, the voice of victims of racism and related discrimination throughout Europe. They join ENAR to build a strong platform for their aspirations for an inclusive Europe. Members pool their forces and resources in ENAR to maximise their advocacy impact at European level.

ENAR members reinforce and support one another so that the voice of anti-racism is simultaneously listened to in Brussels and every single corner and capital of the EU. We support our members in developing their capacities and facilitate exchange of experience and information to achieve a maximum impact in the shortest time frame.

Our stakeholders

ENAR engages constructively with its stakeholders in an inclusive, respectful, convincing and expertise based way. Tough in negotiations, we always strive to find win-win outcomes. We pride ourselves on having good and lasting relations with our partners. We are solution-oriented and want our partners to be satisfied with their cooperation with ENAR.

ENAR is ready to partner or collaborate, publicly or not, with any government, company, trade union, administration, institution, civil society organisation or political party, which seeks to further equality, solidarity and well-being for all and reduce the achievement gap for ethnic and religious minorities and migrants.

Further reading

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