Latest members’ activities

  • 1 August 2014 – Petition by the Greek Forum of refugees to the attention of Minister of Public Order Vassilis Kikilias A year after the start of the new Asylum Service, refugees has still to face a terrifying scenario regarding first aid assistance: the absence of integration measures limit the possibility of refugees and immigrants to enjoy their rights, while creating additional risks of social exclusion, marginalization and unhealthy living conditions. The Greek Forum of Refugees asks the government to develop an action plan to implement all different aspects of integration, with particular attention to the initial targeted support immediately after recognition, in according with the EU and International legislation.
  • 13 May 2014 – ANTIGONE: Joint campaign initiatives between LGBTI and anti-racist organisations ahead of the European election 2014 On 13 May 2014 a conference under the title “Rhetoric of media against vulnerable groups” took place in Thessaloniki. The conference was organised by ANTIGONE and the Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece (OLKE – section of Thessaloniki) in the framework of the campaign “No hate during the electoral campaign of 2014 (#No HateEP2014)” led jointly by ENAR and ILGA-Europe, with Eleanna Ioannidou, Michalis Tremopoulos and Andreas Takis as speakers. For more information, contact Nassos Theodoridis:
  • 9 May 2014 – AITIMA letter to Malstrom and Dendias about the prolongation of detention of migrants
    The European Council for Refugees and Exiles together with AITIMA and the GREEK COUNCIL FOR REFUGEES have sent two letters to Commissioner Malmstrom and the Greek Minister of Public Order Dendias regarding the prolongation of the detention of migrants beyond the 18 month limit provided by the EU Return Directive. The three organizations call on Minister Dendias to withdraw the Ministerial Decision and the decisions for the prolongation of detention as well as fully comply with EU law and on Commissioner Malmstrom to raise the issue with the Greek authorities, ask for the withdrawal of the Ministerial Decision and launch infringement procedure.
  • 21 January 2014 – Interview by AITIMA: “We should combat racism as a way of thinking”
    The head of Ngo AITIMA describes the rise of racist violence in Greece and suggests that we can combat it by using the element of sport. Spyros Rizakos speaks to about racist violence in Greece as well as about AITIMA’s new campaign which aims at combating xenophobia among young people by using the element of sport.

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