EU Commission workshop on Structural Racism

EVENT: Structural racism workshop on 9th November

The European Commission is organizing a 1-day workshop on Structural Racism in cooperation with the Finnish Ministry of Justice. The workshop aims to identify ways to combat and better understand the phenomenon and take into account the challenges to ensure effective responses.

The EU Anti Racism Action Plan recognises structural racism. It perpetuates barriers placed in the way of a person due to their racial/ethnic origin and can be embedded in social, financial & political institutions, affecting levers of power and policy-making.

ENAR Director [Policy, Advocacy, and Network Development], Ojeaku Nwabuzo, will attend and speak at the event on Intersectionality and Structural Racism during the second part. During her intervention, Ojeaku will:

  • Clarify the concept of intersectionality especially relating to policy/legislation.
  • Highlight the importance of using an intersectional approach in combating structural racism.
  • Outline why the concept is imperative to take into account in policymaking and legislation

The output of the workshop will be a conclusions paper on structural racism including recommendations for, in particular, national authorities on how to approach the work on combating structural racism with the aim to improve responses in EU Member States.


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