ENARs achievements in January 2017

Check out ENAR’s and ENAR members’ main achievements and impact in January 2017.

-ENAR’s Forgotten Women report on the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women was quoted in Human Rights Watch 2017 World Report. ENAR was also invited to present the report at a consultation meeting with civil society organisations organised by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE). This enabled a discussion on the need to focus on intersectionality in feminist movements.

-A joint open letter by ENAR and civil society organisations to Members of European
Parliament to oppose the nomination of Günther Oettinger as Human Resources
, following racist, homophobic and sexist remarks, was quoted in 21 media, including Reuters, Politico Playbook and Deutsche Welle, and several MEPs raised these concerns during his parliamentary hearing.

-ENAR was the only European civil society organisation invited to speak at the first high-level forum on combating anti-Muslim discrimination and hatred at the United Nations on 17 January, in a panel on civil society coalition building. We were able to highlight the importance of building transversal coalitions with organisations working on other forms of racism, but also with other movements such as feminist groups.

Members’ Achievements

-AEQUITAS in Cyprus completed a successful project entitled ‘Say No to Hate Speech! Young People Empowered’, which included a training course for young people, as well as the creation of an online platform and chat service handled by a psychologist to support victims of hate speech.

-ORBIT and Minderhedenforum have joined forces with ‘De Wakkere Burger vzw’ to launch a campaign to encourage non-Belgian residents to use their voting rights in the 2018 local elections and foster stronger political participation of people with a migration background.


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