ENAR resources

Advocacy Handbook: Refugees’ access to higher education and beyond (2018)

Migrants, speak up: what migrants tell us about their experiences in the European Union (2018)

– Migrants, Speak Up! Survey – Key findingsTechnical report (2017)

Equal@work Toolkit: Refugee inclusion in the workplace: A guide for employers (2017)

ENAR 2015-16 Shadow Report on racism and discrimination in the context of migration (2017)

Data visualisations on racism and discrimination in the context of migration in Europe, including on employment of migrants and racist crimes (2017)

ENARgy webzine on migrant integration in Europe (2017)

ENARgy webzine on migration and anti-racism (2015)

Policy statement: Beyond ’refugees welcome’: what will EU Member States do to protect refugees and migrants from violence and discrimination? (2015)

Response to the European Commission’s consultation on the future of Home Affairs policies: an open and safe Europe – what next? (January 2014)

Joint NGO statement: EU Seasonal Migrant Workers’ Directive: Ensure effective equal treatment (May 2013)

Report of the 4th Equal work meeting: How EU policies support or hinder the hiring of migrants in Europe (2013)

Hidden Talents, Wasted Talents? The real cost of neglecting the positive contribution of migrants and ethnic minorities (2013)

ENARgy webzine: The benefits of granting third country nationals equal rights to work (2013)

Toolkit: Working on migrant integration at local level (2011)

Integration beyond Migration: Kicking off the debate (2011)

15 Principles for framing a positive approach to migration (2009)

General Policy Paper on Migration (2009)


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