ENAR Network COVID-19 Recovery & Resilience Scheme

ENAR is launching a new call to support its members’ recovery and resilience in the context of the COVID-19 crisis: ENAR Network COVID-19 Recovery & Resilience Scheme.

This call aims at:

Supporting recovery of member organisations by addressing immediate material needs related to remote working and organising, technical equipment, access to digital platforms, activities to support the communities they work with, fixed costs of the organisations and volunteers etc.

Supporting the resilience of member organisations by catering for capacity building, coaching, and psychosocial support for the anti-racist organisers/activists

The applications for small grants aim to respond to the specific needs of member organisations as they specify them. The applicants can request the compensation amount based on these needs for up to €5000 per organisation.

The deadline for applications is mid night September 13, 2020.

Looking forward to receiving your applications!

Call for applications
Application form


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