ENAR met with Barack Obama in Copenhagen

Amiirah Saleh-Hoddin, Vice-Chair of ENAR, met former President Barack Obama last week as part of a delegation composed of representatives from the Obama Foundation’s 2020 European Leaders and 2022 Antiracism Experts cohorts. 

As President Obama was invited to speak at this year’s Copenhagen Democracy Summit, he decided to use this opportunity to also bring the program’s 2020 and 2022 European Leaders cohorts together and meet in person for the first time. ENAR Vice-Chair Amiirah Saleh-Hoddin was able to share her experience working on antiracism with ENAR.

We discussed topics on diversity, populism, disinformation, strengthening multiethnic democracy and big tech. Amiirah Saleh-Hoddin, Vice-Chair of ENAR, has been ensuring that critical understandings of structural and institutional racism and antiracism remain on the agenda and underlining the critical need for an intersectional perspective to be applied to these issues. Amiirah also had the opportunity to meet with like-minded racialised leaders from across Europe to share our common struggles in Europe and to look for a way to strengthen and expand dedicated support/mentoring networks. 


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