25th anniversary

ENAR celebrates 25th anniversary in 2023

In 2023, ENAR will be celebrating a momentous occasion. It will have been 25 years since the concept of a European Network of civil society organisations fighting against racism was given form leading to today’s ENAR. Today ENAR has more than 150 members and has grown to be the only pan-European voice of anti-racism in Europe, a leading force in anti-racist knowledge creation, and has become known as an expert organisation when it comes to the rights, justice and liberation of racialised people.

The anniversary comes at a pivotal moment for the anti-racism movement, riding on the wave of renewed public interest and mobilisation for diversity, inclusion and equity, but also in the context of an ever-shrinking civil space poisoned by increasingly mainstreamed far-right narratives.

The 25th anniversary will be a moment to celebrate achievements and remember how far we have come, but also a moment to strategize the next steps of the journey for systemic change, and to mobilise ENAR’s network and society to achieve the vision and aims of a world free of the scourge of racism.

The anniversary will consist of a series of activities throughout the year to strengthen the broader public outreach and commitment to the anti-racist agenda.


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