Anti-discrimination and health equity

DisQo: anti-discrimination & health equity webinar

On January 19 2023, ENAR Advocacy and Policy Advisor, Radost Zaharieva, attended the first live webinar organised by the thematic network anti-discrimination and health equity hosted by DG Santé.

Although racism and discrimination are fundamental determinants of health, and the evidence for its impact on both physical and mental health across all life stages is becoming more overwhelming by the day, the issue remains largely unrecognised and unconsidered in the public health domain. The webinar offered space for policy dialogue involving EU policy makers (DG Santé and FRA) and civil society to emphasise the importance of language and terminology in addressing both equality and non-discrimination, and health equity.  

During this panel, Radost states: “I had to opportunity to reflect on the meaningful participation of racialised groups in the process of deconstructing biased narratives and promoting the design of sustainable policy measures that reflect the realities of people confronted with structural racism and inequalities in health. I highlighted the existence of invisible barriers lessening the participation of racialised groups and policy making such as financial and administrative obstacles, social and spatial isolation (segregation in education and housing), digitalisation, accessibility of infrastructure.” 

In the second part of her intervention, Radost spoke about practical tools and ways for increasing the comprehensiveness and inclusiveness of language and terminology in line with the needs of those experiencing any forms of racism in health.

Our recommendations: focusing on the need for better involvement of civil society representing racialised groups in building policy synergies to tackle the manifestation of racism in physical and mental health and, thus, advance racial equality and health equity. 

More information about the webinar here.


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