Board elections

At this year’s General Assembly, member organisations will be invited to vote for two Board members. All Board members are elected for a full three year term and they may serve maximum six years.

Candidates for the Board election:

Alan Anstead, United Kingdom, UK Race and Europe Network (UKREN)
Jonathan Mack, Germany, German Council for Roma and Sinti
Kahina Rabahi, France, Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF)
Karen Taylor, Germany, Initiative for Black People in Germany (ISD Bund)
Ghyslain Vedeux, France, Council of Black Organisations (CRAN)

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Please note that member organisations who can’t attend the General Assembly are invited to vote on the Board elections and on other statutory decisions by proxy. If you want to appoint someone you trust to vote on your behalf, please contact this person to obtain his/her agreement. Please send the proxy duly completed and signed to the representative and to by 21 June at the latest.

Background information

Every member organisation is entitled propose a candidate to run for elections. It is important to ensure that all Board members are nominated respecting as many diversities as possible (gender, ethnicity, regional representation, minority groups, etc.).

We strongly encourage people representing the following diverse groups to apply:
– Candidates representing the PAD community
– Candidates representing migrant communities
– Candidates representing religious minorities
– Candidates representing any other minority group

Please note that according to ENAR’s Operating Manual we can only have one member per country, therefore candidates from Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Portugal, Romania and Hungary are not eligible for this year’s election (2017).


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