The 10 to 12 million Roma people in Europe are denied basic human rights and victims of widespread discrimination, racist attacks and hate speech. Structural and institutional racism against Roma, known as Antigypsyism, is a root cause of their exclusion across Europe. Tackling structural racism and dispelling prejudices are essential to ensure Roma can become equal citizens in European societies. read more

Quick Facts

  • 78% of Roma in Slovakia and 73% in the Czech Republic experience discrimination when looking for a job
  • 85% of Italian people and 66% of French people hold unfavourable views on Roma
  • 1 in 5 Roma respondents have been victims of racially motivated crimes


  • Who are the Roma?
  • What is Antigypsyism/anti-Tsiganism/ Romaphobia?
  • What is the existing EU legislation on Roma inclusion?

Our members’ work

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