Steering group on Islamophobia and women

This steering group aims to strategise and join forces for a more coordinated action at EU and national level around the issue of Islamophobia.

This steering group was established as part of ENAR’s project “Forgotten women: the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women”, which will be conducted in 2014-2016 in partnership with ENAR member organisations and women organisations.

We believe that joint efforts between the anti-racist and feminist movements are needed to increase the protection of Muslim women by focusing on the gender dimension of discrimination.

This project is a key step in a broader advocacy strategy that aims to get the Member
States of the European Union to adopt specific national strategies on the inclusion of Muslims and to demonstrate the need for an improved implementation of EU equality law.

The project aims to:
1. Document the disproportionate effect of Islamophobia on Muslim women
2. Foster cross-group partnership and develop alliances between the anti-racist and feminist movements in order to better address the intersectional discrimination affecting Muslim women (gender, race, class and religion)
3. Counter stereotypes about Muslim women and promote positive messages
4. Provide analysis to improve the implementation of equality law in cases of discrimination against Muslim women

The steering group, which will include both ENAR members and external experts, will support and advise ENAR in conducting research linked to this project and strategising joint actions.

More information on ENAR’s project “Forgotten women: the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women”


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