Report hate speech in the Greek election campaign

Greek elections are scheduled on 20 September. ENAR and its members have launched a reporting form which anyone can use to report hate speech by MP candidates, party officials and spokespersons during the Greek election campaign, including intolerant remarks, racist or derogative expressions, as well as incitement to violence, hostility or discrimination and the use of stereotypes.

Ahead of the Greek legislative elections on 20 September 2015, ENAR invites members of the public to describe any incident of hate speech targeting minorities during the campaign.

ENAR believes that public figures, including politicians, have a special responsibility and should be held accountable whenever they contribute to spreading hatred. To develop awareness of this accountability, there is a need for consistent monitoring of political speech, in order to identify and measure the effects of political hate speech, in particular when it reaches the threshold of incitement to violence, hostility or discrimination.

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