Policy statement: EU Counter-terrorism policies from an equality perspective: everyone should feel safe in Europe

After the killings in Paris of January 7th and 9th, many have rushed to provide concrete actions against terrorism in Europe. Today, 29th January, Ministers for Justice and Home Affairs meet in Riga to devise the ground for an EU security strategy.

The need for security must not lead to discriminating measures that would risk to compromise fundamental rights for all. ENAR calls on European leaders to refrain from intrusive policies which could have a discriminatory impact and potentially counter-productive results, in particular further alienating young people who belong to ethnic and religious minorities.

In particular, ENAR calls on the European Union and Member States to embed the following 3 principles in the upcoming counter-terrorism strategies:

  1. Respect international human rights standards including non-discrimination
  2. Avoid discriminatory profiling and data abuses
  3. Adopt long-term, deeper and more effective solutions

Check out our policy update to read in detail what kind of measures we think would be appropriate for this situation


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