Our members’ work

Legal aid and education to support groups at risk of racism – Centre for Peace Studies (CMS), Croatia

This project aimed to educate citizens on combating racism and discrimination with the concrete aim of supporting refugees and migrants; and to create a network of individuals who would provide legal aid to groups at risk of racism and advocate for policy change.

CMS organised a Peace Studies non-formal education programme with 25 participants. They formed a group of 10 volunteers, students of law, who offered free legal aid and information to people at risk of racism, mainly asylum seekers.

Training migrant and refugee communities against hate crime – Greek Forum of Migrants, Greece

The Greek Forum of Migrants 2019 “Against Hate Crime” project aimed to empower and build capacity of migrant and refugee communities to support victims of racist crime and enhance public visibility of racist crime incidents.

GFM conducted a needs assessment within 20 communities in the network which identified three issues to address: a) identification of racist crime; b) lack of information about hate crime reporting; c) the lack of trust towards institutions and the outcomes of reporting such incidents.

They organised workshops with the Greece Anti-Racist Police Department and the Racist Violence Reporting Network on reporting hate crime including police violence.

GFM also published guidelines for reporting hate crimes, translated into 11 languages.

They will now distribute the guidelines within their network of 40 migrant and refugee communities and provide support to their members when they report hate crime incidents.

ENAR member organisations working on migration

– The People for Change Foundation (Malta), Study “Ethnic Minorities Beyond Migration: The case of Malta”

– Zavod KROG/Institute Circle (Slovenia), ‘RealityCheck’ video campaign on refugees

KISA- Equality, Support, Antiracism (Cyprus)

Africa e Mediterraneo (Italy)

Greek Forum of Migrants (Greece)

Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe


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