New policy briefs on radicalisation and equality research

The Dialogue About Radicalisation and Equality (DARE) project, of which ENAR is a partner, has published two policy briefs on youth radicalisation and inequality, and the effectiveness of counter-radicalisation policies in Europe.

Youth radicalisation and inequality: what the evidence shows

Inequality is often cited by experts as one of the main structural drivers impacting the path to radicalisation of certain individuals. DARE research teams in Croatia, France and Turkey evaluated whether the existing evidence base confirms the link between inequality and radicalisation and if so how, when and why. A clear understanding of the drivers of radicalisation is crucial to designing and implementing effective and relevant policies aimed at reducing the risks of radicalisation and at increasing security and safety for all citizens.

The effectiveness of counter-radicalisation policies in Europe: what the evidence shows

The DARE research team in Poland has assessed the legal frameworks and operative documents designed to counter radicalisation (through preventing and countering violent extremism) of 16 states in Europe in order to increase understanding of processes of radicalisation (Islamist and extreme-right) and enhance capacity to effectively counter these threats.

More information about the DARE research project


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