New advocacy handbook on refugees’ access to higher education

This toolkit was published as part of the Refugee Education Initiatives project, of which ENAR was a partner, and which aimed to facilitate the social and economic integration of newly arrived migrants and foster their inclusion into higher education.

This manual is for anyone who passionately believes that equal access to higher education based on merit is a force for good.

It is specifically designed for refugee students taking part in a preparatory course for university access (designed under the implementation of the Refugee Education Initiatives project).

We hope this manual will support activists and students in their advocacy efforts. It seeks to do so by explaining what advocacy is about, how to plan and start your own advocacy initiative, which tools are there to help you and what to keep in mind to make best use of your time and energy.

It includes examples of successful projects advocating for education for all and supporting refugees in their access to higher education. We hope they inspire and encourage you.

Download the handbook


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