Network’s achievements March-April 2018

– The European Commission High-Level Group on Non-Discrimination held a discussion on multiple discrimination with Member States where ENAR presented the concept of intersectionality and its implications for racial equality.

– We presented NGO practices and demands on equality data at the European
Commission High-Level Group on Discrimination
. The European Commission committed to publish guidelines for Member States on equality data, which is a long-term demand of ours.

– Our latest Shadow Report on discrimination in employment received good coverage on social media (188 retweets and 174 likes on Twitter, shared 129 times on Facebook).

– As a result of ENAR’s advocacy on Muslim women disproportionately facing Islamophobia, the European Parliament’s committee on women’s rights agreed to officially discuss the topic in a future meeting. The Committee also adopted two ENAR-suggested pilot projects ideas on intersectionality and Muslim women, for the consideration of the European Commission.


– ENAR Belgian members Collective Against Islamophobia in Belgium and Bepax won a film award during the film festival “A films ouverts”, for a video they produced on anti-racism and feminism.

– Dutch member EMCEMO organised a symposium on anti-Muslim hatred and discrimination in April in Amsterdam in presence of the European Commission coordinator on anti-Muslim Hatred and a large number of organisations.

Nisa-Nashim was named Interfaith Hero at the Jewish News’ Night of Heroes ceremony, in recognition of their work in breaking down the misconceptions and hatred between Muslims and Jews through friendship.

– The Greek Forum of Migrants led a walk against discrimination in Athens that gathered more than a thousand people against the EU-Turkey deal.

– Finnish member Anti-Racism Forum led a successful conference on ethnic
profiling in Finland
in the frame of ‘The Stopped’ project in presence of
international experts.

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