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Le racisme anti-Noir n’est l’apanage d’aucun parti politique (March 2016)

Rokhaya Diallo : « Laurence Rossignol devrait suivre un cours intensif d’histoire de l’esclavage » (April 2016)
White employees of racism watchdog ‘earn £3,000 more annually than black colleagues’ (March 2016)
Battle over colonial-era street names in Berlin (March 2016)
Mother of murdered Stephen Lawrence: Racism still ‘quite rife’ in Britai (March 2016)
Lazio facing racism probe over monkey chants (March 2016)
I’m Irish but I’m not white. Why is that still a problem as we celebrate the Easter Rising? (March 2016)
On slavery remembrance day, UN chief shines a light on African diaspora’s legacy (March 2016)
The Council of Europe backs reparations for slavery and colonialism for the first time (March 2016)
Congo-born priest quits over racist threats (March 2016)
Black London MP reveals ‘racism of fellow MP ‘who assumed she was a cleaner’ (March 2016)
Collectif contre le Contrôle au Faciès : Les maux du déni (March 2016)
London student ‘racially ridiculed’ with blackface Nutella photo for twice failing degree (February 2016)
Etre une femme ou d’origine africaine: pires scénarios pour trouver un emploi (February 2016)
“Y’a bon Banania, y’a pas bon Taubira”: l’abbé Beauvais condamné en appel (February 2016)
Government Launches Review Into Racial Discrimination In The Workplace (February 2016)
‘Black graduates paid less per hour than white people,’ says trade union (February 2016)
Another racially-based provocation by Buonanno (January 2016)
Mother threatens to sue over teacher who called her son ‘monkey’ in front of class (January 2016)
Family of burned bus driver to sue Met over ‘failures’ (January 2016)


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