General Assembly 2016

ENAR’s next General Assembly will take place on 23-25 June 2016 in Brussels. This annual event is a key opportunity to exchange ideas and to discuss past and future network actions!


In the afternoon of your arrival day, 23 June, we will meet with Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission to discuss common issues of concern.

24 June will be filled with workshop opportunities designed and facilitated by and for ENAR members.

On 25 June, four new Board members will be elected. We will also present the results and challenges of 2015 and highlights for 2016-17.



Concept: Session between MEPs and ENAR members

Workshop descriptions

Minutes of the 14th General Assembly 2015

ENAR Annual Report 2015

Finances: Audit report I
Finances: Audit report II
Finances: Balance sheet 2015
Finances: Budget and execution summary 2015
Finances: 2015 global overview

Draft 2017 Workplan

Statutes and Operating Manual amendments

Board election candidates
Candidates and positions

Presentation of ENAR’s 2014 activities at 2015 General Assembly

Expense claim form
Online evaluation form

Registration and practical details

Please register by Monday 6 June at the latest.

Only member organizations that paid the annual membership fee can be represented. Due to our limited budget, early flight bookings are required.

Information sheet

For any questions regarding logistics, please contact

Elections & call for Board nominations

At the General Assembly, ENAR members will be asked to elect their new representatives to the Board of ENAR.

All Board members are elected for a full three year term and they may serve maximum six years. This year, member organisations will be invited to vote for 4 candidates of their choice for key positions: Chair, 2 Vice-Chairs and Treasurer.

Everyone is entitled to run for elections, including current Board members. If current Board members are elected as Chair, Vice-Chairs or Treasurer, they will have to step down from their current mandate, which will then be open for additional elections. Under this scenario, members may be requested to vote for extra seats.

It is important to ensure that all Board members are nominated respecting as many diversities as possible (gender, ethnicity, regional representation, minority groups, etc.).

Please note that according to ENAR Operating Manual we can only have one member per country, therefore candidates from Ireland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary are not eligible for this year election (2016).

Application/nomination form – Deadline: 12 June
Profile for Board profiles
Current Board composition

For any questions on the elections, please contact


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