EVENT: #MakeRacismHistory Festival 2023

ENAR announces the #MakeRacismHistory Festival as part of the anti-racist networks 25th anniversary celebrations. Taking place from 10-17 October, the flagship event will celebrate racialised communities and collectively reflect on a world where racism is a thing of the past through a series of events hosted by Network members across Europe, and a special appearance at this year’s BlackTech Fest in London!

“We are thrilled to be partnering with co-hosts from across Europe to organise Europe’s first pan-European Anti-Racist festival. It is an incredible moment to reflect, celebrate, and inspire us all in the unstoppable march to Make Racism History.” 

Kim Smouter, ENAR Director general

Celebrate #MakeRacismHistory Festival with us:

  • Luxembourg, LU – 1-28 October: Black History Month Luxembourg, the country’s first ever, will be a  chance to celebrate renowned historical figures, acknowledge modern accomplishments, and contemplate the ongoing challenges encountered by the black community in Luxembourg. Throughout the month, several conferences, art exhibitions, live performances, film screenings, and a Black African market will take place that aim to foster connections with local organisations, as well as establishing an active and visible network. Hosted by One People.
  • Dublin, IE – 8-15 October: Black History Month Ireland (BHMI), also known as Africa History Month Ireland (AHMI), is a national observance in Ireland aimed at continuing the legacy of diversity education, cultural tolerance, and community inclusion that began in 2010 in Cork City. BHMI/AHMI fosters relationships between Ireland and African heritages in various aspects, including arts, democracy, human rights, and sustainable development, through a month-long celebration held annually in October. Hosted by Africa-Irish Development Initiative (AIDI).
  • BlackTech Fest – London, UK – 10-12 October: Started in 2020, Black Tech Fest is Europe’s largest event of its kind, 3 days dedicated to celebrating Black culture and its influence on technology. Convening Black talent, allies and the world`s leading tech companies to connect, network, and discover. ENAR is thrilled to be leading 4 panels during the event. See below for more information!
  • Sofia, BG – 10 October: #MakeRacismHistory Sofia plans to bring attention to the often overlooked issue of racism in Bulgarian society, which is rarely addressed by NGOs and remains largely unnoticed by the public. Activities will involve discussions on the harmful effects of racism in various aspects , alongside personal stories from those who have experienced it, culminating in a collective exploration of solutions involving organisations, collectives, and activists. Hosted by Multi Kulti Collective.
  • London, UK – 11 October: “32 Steps to Togetherness” is a project that provides individuals with a practical roadmap to build connections within and between communities. It aims to inspire individuals to foster a sense of togetherness, equip CSOs with a valuable resource to combat social fragmentation, create an anti-racist community around the manual to facilitate future civil society collaborations, and ultimately, to strengthen social cohesion by promoting inclusivity within communities. Hosted by European Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB).
  • Vienna, AT – 12 October: AEWTASS Showcase Event focuses on celebrating achievements of AEWTASS and present educational materials produced by Black individuals for the Austrian education system, as well as address the topic of combating racism within the school system, particularly concerning the depiction of Africa and the diaspora. Hosted by Vienna Institute for the African Diaspora (VIAD).
  • Nicosia, CY – 13-14 October: Representation matters! initiative seeks to emphasize the positive influence of representation and diversity in children’s literature, media, and toys on child development, by raising awareness among parents and educators from various communities. Aligned with the festival’s theme, #MakeRacismHistory, it addresses representation and its future implications for children’s perspectives on diversity, emphasizing its significant impact on choices in both racialized and non-racialized communities while also celebrating past achievements and advocating for continued progress. Hosted by Generation for Change CY.
  • Athens, GR – 13 October + Utrecht, NL – 15 October: Our diaries – the untold stories of migrants and refugees is a two part event happening in Athens and Amsterdam that will create an enabling space in which refugees and migrants can reclaim the ownership and authorship of their own stories to build a positive and empowering narrative about migration in relation to racism. The events will showcase the untold stories of refugees, through their own voices and by their own means. Hosted by Ivorian Community of Greece and New Women Connectors.
  • Helsinki, FI – 14 October: FEM-R x ARF 2023: ANTI-RACIST FUTURES – Beyond Survival Towards Meaningful Communities – Anti-racist activists and accomplices have been working for a more anti-racist Finland for years. Recent counter-productive public debates around racism, and the stance of the current government exacerbated the need to form coalitions and take care of each other. During the event, Fem-R and ARF will explore the state of the anti-racist movement in Finland and how we can move toward anti-racist futures from different angles. Hosted by Anti-Racist Forum (ARF) and Fem-R.
  • Athens, GR – 17 October: Solidarity and Support to Civil Society in Greece aims to bring forward the opinion of the migrant and refugee communities in the spotlight. The conversations and workshops deliveredc by the human rights defenders will focus on structural racism, migration and shrinking civic space from the scope of the migrant communities. Hosted by Greek Forum of Migrants.
  • Brussels, BE – 17 October: “In your eyes” documentary explores themes of identity, migration, asylum and racism and examines the complexities of the migrant and refugee experience. The movie screening will be accompanied with a conversation of the filmmakers. Hosted by Migrant Tales and New Women Connectors

BlackTech Fest 2023

Step into the future of tech at Europe’s most diverse tech festival. Back bigger and better, Black Tech Fest 23 will be taking place from 10-12th October 2023 at Magazine London. Embracing the theme “Black is Future,” this year’s event is bringing you inspiring speakers, valuable networking opportunities, and a vibrant showcase of black culture. Engage with recruiters, gain insights from industry leaders, and explore groundbreaking innovations by top tech companies.

  • How do we foster a more inclusive digital economy? delivered by Kim Smouter, ENAR Executive Director – 12 October at 9:00 – Round-table exploring the role of Tech in fostering an inclusive society, identifying the opportunities and challenges that Tech as a tool and as a sector represents. The round-table invites representatives from the European Commission, World Economic Forum, and global tech companies. 
  • Tech Colonialism delivered by Oyidiya Oji, ENAR Policy and Advocacy Advisor on Digital Rights – 10 October at 14:00 – What’s the role of the Global South in the era of innovation when transformation apparently comes from the Global North? Through the exploration of 3 iconic digital tools, we will see how the dependence between the Global North and the Global South continues embracing structural and social inequalities.
  • UK’s Racist Immigration Policy delivered by Emmanuel Achiri, ENAR Policy and Advocacy Advisor on Migration and Policing – 12 October at 13:20 – Delve into a critical examination of the UK’s history and impact of racist immigration policies in this eye-opening session. Join us to understand the systemic challenges faced by marginalised communities, explore the implications for social justice, and engage in a thought-provoking discussion on moving towards a more inclusive future.
  • Advocacy and Campaigning for Youth Activists delivered by Nourhene Mahmoudi, ENAR Advocacy and Policy Advisor – 11 October at 14.30 – Join us as we discuss youth advocacy. This session will cover: Understanding advocacy: advocating for social justice, equality and racial equity; How to develop a strong messaging: the importance of effective communication in campaigning and advocacy work; Stakeholders’ management: guidance on how to identify, engage and effectively manage stakeholders; The value of active citizenship and anti-racism in today’s society: youth power in challenging systemic racism.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events and making racism history with us!


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