#EuropeForAll: Dear EU Election Candidates, pledge to support racial justice!

Brussels, Belgium, 11 April 2024 – The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) is asking EU election candidates to stand up against racism as future elected members of the European Parliament. 

The Pledge

I, as a candidate for the European Parliament, pledge to prioritise racial justice and equality in the next mandate. I commit to actively building a European Union that is inclusive, diverse, and equitable for all its people.

The commitments:

✔️ I will actively protect the rule of law, democracy and equality;

✔️ I will stand up against hate speech in the European Institutions, especially in the European Parliament;

✔️ I will strive to advocate for laws and policies that protect racialised people and migrants. I will strive for the lived experiences of racialised people to be included in policy-making;

✔️ I will urge the European Institutions to exercise their authority to hold Member States accountable for violations of fundamental rights of racialised people and people on the move;

✔️ I will act as an active defender of human rights and anti-racist organisations when their participation, recognition and legitimacy are threatened;

✔️I will strive to advocate for the adoption of a stronger racial justice agenda and the renewal of the EU Anti-racism Action Plan beyond 2025. I will champion racial justice and the protection of human rights as an integral part of EU policies, including those on climate, economic justice, AI and emerging technologies, to ensure equal opportunities for all. 

✔️ I will support initiatives for the European Union to recognise and address historical injustices.

Pledge your support through the form below:

For more details about the campaign, reach out to julie@enar-eu.org or nourhene@enar-eu.org.


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