Equal@Work seminar: Race and mental health in the workplace

ENAR’s Equal@work Platform brings together businesses, social partners, NGOs, public authorities and academics committed to diversity and inclusion, to find solutions so that ethnic and religious minorities can fully participate in the labour market. The 10th annual Seminar on 7 December 2018 will explore the issue of well-being, race and mental health in the workplace.

Well-being@work: Race and mental health in the workplace Brussels, 7th December 2018 dtqubhqxcaags9q.jpg The 10th Equal@work seminar will explore the emerging topic of wellbeing, race and mental health in the workplace. Forward-thinking employers are increasingly recognising the importance of health and wellbeing for a productive workplace, however few have considered the issues of race and mental health. How do barriers facing people of colour in the workplace affect mental health and wellbeing? Available data shows that racial minorities are more likely to suffer from common mental health issues. In addition, the effect racial discrimination and other forms of mistreatment has been completely under-explored. From the effect of discrimination and harassment, inequality in workplace hierarchies, and the pressure to conform discriminatory workplace standards, a number of issues are there to be unpacked. Any attempt toward full equality and inclusion for people of colour requires a real consideration of the barriers facing them. ENAR will bring together a range of different actors – private companies, public administrations, trade unions, NGOs, employees – to explore this innovative topic. Download the full agenda: equal_at_work_race_mental_health_draft_agenda.pdf To register for this event, visit our online registration platform

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