ENAR Summer Retreat: Taking a Collective Breath

Bonn, Germany, August 17-20 – In the pursuit of dismantling systemic racism, caring for each other is not an option – it is a necessity. At our annual Summer Retreat, anti-racism activists from 18 member organisations came together to undo harm, build solidarity and heal in an atmosphere free from structural violence.  

Beyond Self-Care: The Power of Community

The nature of our work as anti-racism activists means that the members of ENAR’s community too often face verbal and physical violence. On top of the scars this leaves, the burden of resisting systemic injustices pushes many of us to the brink of burnout. This retreat was created as a space for our community to take a collective breath. Only by taking a step back and nurturing growth, can we continue to pave the way to change, to a Europe free of discrimination. 

In this year’s retreat, we ventured beyond personal healing strategies, focusing instead on the power of connectedness and community in the healing process.    

Activists delved into essential themes of collective and self-care, and explored valuable tools for setting boundaries and navigating challenging situations. Extending into the realm of conflict transformation, conflict was reframed as a potential avenue for growth and realignment. Beyond the present, the participants centered on the well-being of generations to come, forging a meaningful link to ancestor work.

Sessions also centered on voice and bodywork, offering an embodied dimension to the healing experience, whilst mindfulness amidst nature served as a powerful grounding practice. Importantly, participants were afforded the opportunity to put their newfound insights into practice, setting personalised goals that intertwine self-care and collective resilience.


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