ENAR’s General Assembly 2019: Solidarity & Movement

This year’s General Assembly will take place on 20-22 June 2019 in Brussels, Belgium, and focus on Solidarity & Movement. It will have an important impact on how the European anti-racism agenda advances in the coming year.

This is the one moment in the year when the whole pan-European ENAR network comes together. The General Assembly is a key occasion to build our movement and gather anti-racist activists from across Europe to exchange ideas and have lively and constructive discussions on ENAR’s future actions and strategies.

This year, we will focus on the idea of solidarity. What does solidarity mean for the anti-racist movement? How can solidarity be a vehicle to strengthen our movement?


We will exchange with activists and community leaders on the kind of solidarity our communities need, how we understand solidarity, how can we work in solidarity with other communities – both within and beyond the anti-racist movement, and use solidarity as a vehicle to strengthen our movement. We will also have mutual learning sessions led by ENAR members and hear inspiring actions, practices and experiences of solidarity in different countries and contexts.

In addition, the General Assembly will be an opportunity to discuss the common principles of the network as the basis of solidarity, focusing specifically on gender and intersectionality.

We are looking forward to a packed and exciting event and discussions, which will further build the anti-racist movement in Europe and pave the way to putting solidarity at the heart of our network.

If you are a delegate attending the General Assembly please find more information in ENAR’s member area: https://www.enar-eu.org/General-Assembly-2019

For those not attending, we will be posting updates from our General Assembly on Facebook and Twitter, so stay tuned!


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