ENAR’s and members’ achievements January-February 2018

– We held the first meeting of an affinity group for people of colour working in and around the European institutions. 40 people discussed concrete improvements in diversity in Brussels.

– We co-organised two meetings of the coalition of Belgian organisations for a National Action Plan against Racism. 25 representatives of both Dutch and French speaking communities NGOs are jointly pushing for a quality plan.

– ENAR presented examples of risks of discrimination and abuses that can result from national counter-terrorism laws during an EU Counter-Terrorism Directive transposition workshop with EU Member States.

ENAR members’ achievements

– The Central Council of German Sinti and Roma opened the exhibition on the Nazi genocide against Sinti and Roma in the European Commission as well as the exhibition “45 years of civil rights work of German Sinti and Roma” in the European Parliament

– Nisa-Nashim was named UK Interfaith Hero at the Jewish News’ Night of Heroes ceremony in recognition of their work in breaking down the misconceptions and hatred between Muslims and Jews through friendship between Jewish and Muslim women

– Enrique Tessieri from Migrant Tales wrote a letter in The Guardian highlighting that social inequality, racism and discrimination are on the rise in Finland.


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