ENAR’s achievements in April

Check out ENAR’s and ENAR members’ main achievements and impact during the month of April 2016.

– ENAR/ARDI’s most important proposed amendments on the European Parliament’s report on the Proposed Counter-Terrorism Directive were taken on board by the Rapporteur in a version of compromise amendments. If adopted, more reference to social inclusion and non-discrimination would be included in both recitals and text of the Counter-terrorism Directive.

– For the first time, ENAR was invited to present findings from its latest Shadow Report on Afrophobia in Europe during the 18th session of the UN Working Group on People of African Descent in Geneva, in front of States representatives. The EU representative insisted on the importance of education on the slave trade.

– ENAR’s statement on the far-right protests in Belgium following the Brussels attacks was quoted in Politico’s Play Book. Our position in the Euractiv article on the Vlaams Belang (Belgium) Islam Watch website was quoted in La Stampa and other Italian, Belgian and Spanish media.

Members’ achievements

– More than 3000 people signed ENAR Ireland petition for hate crime legislation in Ireland, which is part of part of the #lovenothate campaign.

– The UK Race and Europe Network (UKREN) organized a debate on what Europe means to Black and Ethnic Minority people in the context of the UK referendum on EU membership. The event was sold out.

RAA Sachsen (Germany) launched its “Hate Crime Victim Support in Europe – A Practical Guide” for practitioners, criminal law professionals, civil servants, policy-makers and politicians. It is the result of a two-year project gathering 23 civil society organisations from 18 countries.


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