ENAR’s achievements in April and May 2017

– ENAR launched its latest Shadow Report on racism and migration in Europe on 2 May in the European Parliament in presence of MEPs, European Commission representatives and civil society. The report was quoted in 30 media, including Politico Playbook, Buzzfeed, The Irish Times and German radio. Social media activity around the report led to 140 shares on Facebook and 450 retweets on Twitter.

– ENAR was invited to present its Racism and Migration Shadow Report findings at the Maltese EU Presidency conference on counter-narratives and hate speech online on 6-7 April, organised together with the European Commission. The Schwarzkopf Foundation also invited ENAR to present the Shadow Report to their network of scholars and stakeholders based in Germany.

– ENAR was invited to contribute to the roundtable discussion organised by Das Progressive Zentrum and the Schwarzkopf Foundation on “Civil Society as a Countercheck to Populism?” in Berlin. Journalists from Der Spiegel and Die Zeit covered the event.

– The Friedrich Ebert Foundation and ENAR co-organised the experts’ meeting “Media: tool or challenge for democracy in Europe?”. MEP Birgit Sippel and Paul Nemitz, Principal Advisor to the European Commission’s Director-General for Justice, spoke at the meeting.

– ENAR presented the issue of Islamophobia and its specific impact on Muslim women and migrants to 30 officers from the Council of Europe, including the Commissioner for Human Rights and his cabinet, ECRI, the Parliamentary Assembly office, the gender equality unit and other relevant units.

– ENAR contributed to a report on combating institutional Antigypsyism in the EU, published by the Centre for European Policy Studies. It examines the ways in which policies and funding combat Antigypsyism in the European Union and selected Member States.

Members’ achievements

– The UK Race and Europe Network has developed a guide to dealing with hate crime for victims and for NGOs helping victims, which also includes online hate speech. It also organised a successful UK launch of ENAR’s Shadow Report on racism and migration.

– The Estonian Human Rights Centre coordinated a Diversity Day on 19 April, which was celebrated in many organisations all over Estonia. This was also an opportunity to have new members sign the Estonian Diversity Charter.

– The People for Change Foundation in Malta published the study “Ethnic Minorities Beyond Migration: The case of Malta”, which sheds new light on minority experiences in Malta.


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