ENAR Resources: Migration

- Advocacy Handbook: Refugees’ access to higher education and beyond (2018)

- Migrants, speak up: what migrants tell us about their experiences in the European Union (2018)

- Migrants, Speak Up! Survey – Key findingsTechnical report (2017)

- Equal@work Toolkit: Refugee inclusion in the workplace: A guide for employers (2017)

- ENAR 2015-16 Shadow Report on racism and discrimination in the context of migration (2017)

- Data visualisations on racism and discrimination in the context of migration in Europe, including on employment of migrants and racist crimes (2017)

- ENARgy webzine on migrant integration in Europe (2017)

- ENARgy webzine on migration and anti-racism (2015)

- Policy statement: Beyond ’refugees welcome’: what will EU Member States do to protect refugees and migrants from violence and discrimination? (2015)

- Response to the European Commission’s consultation on the future of Home Affairs policies: an open and safe Europe – what next? (January 2014)

- Joint NGO statement: EU Seasonal Migrant Workers’ Directive: Ensure effective equal treatment(May 2013)

- Report of the 4th Equal work meeting: How EU policies support or hinder the hiring of migrants in Europe(2013)

- Hidden Talents, Wasted Talents? The real cost of neglecting the positive contribution of migrants and ethnic minorities (2013)

- ENARgy webzine: The benefits of granting third country nationals equal rights to work(2013)

- Toolkit: Working on migrant integration at local level (2011)

- Integration beyond Migration: Kicking off the debate (2011)

- 15 Principles for framing a positive approach to migration (2009)

- General Policy Paper on Migration (2009)


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