ENAR resources

Hate crime provisions in EU member states: the importance of an intersectional approach to ensure victims’ rights (2020)

Racist crime and institutional racism in Europe: ENAR Shadow Report 2014-18 (2019)

Joint ENAR and EDRi position: Tackling illegal content online: principles for efficient and restorative solutions (2018)

Blog: Who is responsible for tackling online incitement to racist violence? (2016)

Monitoring EU law on racist crime: A guide for civil society (2015)

ENAR Shadow Report 2013/14: Racist crime in Europe (2015)

Open letter regarding racist statement against Cecile Kyenge MEP (2015)

All victims recognised, no victim forgotten: Joint statement for European Day for victims of crime (2015)

ENARgy webzine: Racist speech and the impact of incitement to hatred (2015)

Final #NoHateEP2014 report of hate speech incidents during the European Parliament elections campaign (2014)

ENAR-ILGA Appeal for a #NoHateEP2014 (2014)

Policy statement: European Commission’s reports on EU legislation against racism and discrimination fall short on addressing victims’ need for justice (2014)

ENARgy webzine: Delegitimising hate and stigmatising discourses (2013)

ENARgy webzine: Individual and community impacts of racist crime (2013)

Far-right parties and discourse in Europe: A challenge for our times (2012)

ENAR report: “Racist Violence in Europe” (2011)

Combating racist crime and violence: testimonies and advocacy strategies (2009)


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