ENAR Network achievements – April-June 2019

ENAR Network achievements

New EU guidelines equality data. The European Commission published guidelines for Member States on improving the collection and use of equality data. This has been a long-term demand of ENAR and is a major milestone in our advocacy on this issue.

Analysis of racial diversity among candidates and elected MEPs in the European Parliament. ENAR published two analyses, pre– and post-elections, on the representation of ethnic and racial minority candidates, highlighting the lack of racial diversity among both candidates and elected MEPs. These analyses received wide – media (including Reuters, Politico, Euractiv, Euradio, Euronews) and social media coverage, enabling us to make the case for better representation of diversity in EU institutions.

Securing the re-establishment of the Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup. ENAR met heads of political groups and MEPs in the European Parliament to ensure the re-establishment of the Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup in the new mandate. A bureau of co-Presidents has already been created and the Intergroup already counts 90 members, which should lead to its re-establishment in October.

EU election twitter campaign. ENAR launched a Twitter campaign to push our anti-racism agenda out ahead of EU elections in May, focusing specifically on the Flemish part of Belgium as a pilot project, which resulted in 1.6 million impressions. ENAR published three campaign videos with 408,000; 250,000; and 196,000 views respectively.

Key publication on Antigypsyism in Europe. ENAR, in collaboration with Central Council for German Sinti and Roma, launched the book ‘Dimensions of Antigypsyism in Europe’, which brings together a combination of academic and activist writing, based on practical experiences, to shed light on the multi-dimensional and complex phenomenon of antigypsyism.The book was widely shared on social media and presented at different events. It has been well received by stakeholders.

Members’ achievements

The new Finnish government has announced a national action plan against racism and discrimination in its government programme, following advocacy by ENAR member organisations in Finland and other anti-racist activists.

The Center for Danish-Muslim Relations (CEDAR) launched a campaign ahead of the parliamentary elections to increase the traditionally low turnout among Danish minorities. In collaboration with the award-winning PR agency Gorilla Media, they created the campaign #TidenErNu which contributed to a higher turnout among minority voters.

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