ENAR Launches Regional Meetings to Strengthen Anti-Racism Cooperation

Antwerp, Belgium, July 29 — Representatives of our member organisations from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France kicked off the European Network Against Racism (ENAR)’s new initiative of regional meetings. The meet-up marks the launch of a new chapter of cooperation and knowledge exchange between ENAR members.

Uniting Against Racism, Region by Region

As the only pan-European voice of the anti-racism movement in Europe, ENAR’s strength lies in its diverse network, bringing together over 150 civil society organisations working on the many manifestations of racism across Europe. Exchanging experiences and practices is key to achieving collective growth and sustainability of anti-racism voices, which is why ENAR is launching regional meetings to create safe spaces for our members to collaborate, learn from one another, and forge valuable networks to navigate common challenges.

Navigating Fundraising, Smear Campaigns, and the Upcoming European Election

In the first regional meet-up, ENAR members were joined by the fundraising experts from Le Next Level to discuss fundraising techniques, diversification of funding sources, and how to overcome funding challenges in the anti-racism movement.

Participants also exchanged insights on countering radical right narratives and conspiracies that aim to undermine the work of anti-racism civil society, especially in the context of upcoming European Parliament elections.

In the following months, the meetings will take off in other ENAR regions as well.


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