ENAR attends documentary screening of 'some of the others' in Warsaw

ENAR attends screening of “Some of the Others” in Warsaw

On the 24th of May, ENAR Director General, Kim Smouter, attended the screening of “Some of the Others” directed by Tyagi Pallava.

Funded by ENAR’s Empowerment and Resilience Fund, the film tells the story of a group of refugees, who, due to their race, ethnicity, and gender, face unique challenges as they flee the Ukrainian war. The film also delves into the issues of human and child trafficking, which some of these refugees were unfortunately subjected to.

After the screening, a 45-minute discussion was held with the director and representatives of Polish and international human rights organizations, including Kim.

We were incredibly proud to finance the production of this impactful movie that recounts the tragic stories of so many who were forced to flee the war leaving their livelihoods behind. The movie highlights that rather than being met with equal compassion, many faced the extra burden of blatant racism despite fleeing the same indiscriminate bombs. Now we must learn to equip Europe with a truly fair and equitable migration policy that protects all refugees and does not apply a racist lens to its criteria setting.

– Kim Smouter, ENAR Director General

The event, created with the support of Club of Catholic Intelligentsia KIK Warszawa, ENAR, and ANGA (HU), welcomed many guests including the Mayor of Podkowa Lesna, Artur Tusinski.

Left to right: Mayor of Podkowa Lesna, Artur Tusinski, Tyagi Pallava, and Kim Smouter attending 'Some of the Others' screening

Watch the documentary trailer below:


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