ENAR and ENAR members’ achievements in March

Check out ENAR’s main achievements and impact during the month of March.

– ENAR, together with members of the European Policy Roma Coalition, successfully advocated for the inclusion of the first ever workshop and a political panel dedicated to anti-Gypsyism during the European Roma Platform meeting. The workshop conclusions were presented to the political panellists on anti-Gypsyim: representatives of Luxembourg, Sweden and the Czech Republic as well as MEP Soraya Post.

– After three months of advocacy meetings with EP political groups’ advisers, LIBE coordinators and liaising with members, the LIBE decided to organise the first hearing on anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. The hearing is scheduled for June and should be followed by a LIBE resolution.

– The Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup (ARDI) was re-established in December 2014. Since then, ENAR has liaised with MEPs Post and Kyenge to get a collegial intergroup leadership to hire a secretary to the Intergroup. In March, this proposal was agreed upon by MEPs Post, Kyenge, Deprez, Lambert and Ernst.

Members’ achievements

– The Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights’ video and website on how to react and report online hate speech went viral and was featured in many media outlets including The Independent.

– CEJI-A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe led Facing Facts project held a well-attended and unique European Conference on hate crime launching the new phase of the project and a video.

– More than 30.000 people visited the 32nd Festival of Migration in Luxembourg organised by CLAE (Comité de liaison des associations étrangères). In this year’s edition, the right of third country nationals to political participation was one of the main topics.


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