“DARE – Dialogue about Radicalisation and Equality” project

DARE – Dialogue About Radicalisation and Equality – is a major pan-European research project which includes 17 research teams in 13 different countries – Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Malta, Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, The Netherlands, Tunisia, Turkey and the UK, composed of sociologists, ethnographers or political scientists. It runs for four years, from 2018 to 2021.

The project investigates young people’s encounters with agents of radicalisation, how they receive and respond to those calls, and how they make choices about the paths they take. It aims to broaden understanding of radicalisation, demonstrating that it is not located in any one religion or community alone, and to explore the effects of radicalisation on society.

Outputs will include an extensive review of knowledge in three areas: the historical context of current patterns of radicalisation; European, national and regional counter-radicalisation and de-radicalisation policies and interventions; and how sustained inequalities impact upon radicalisation.

The project will also generate new empirical research in offline and online milieus designed to understand media-assisted self-radicalisation; radicalisation in Islamist milieus; and radicalisation in anti-Islam extreme right milieus.

ENAR’s role in the project is to disseminate the research findings at EU level but also at national level in Belgium, as well as testing with educators, social practitioners and youngsters practical tools on resilience stemming from the research.

The project is funded under the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

Policy brief: Drivers of self-radicalisation and digital sociability

Policy brief: Youth radicalisation and inequality: what the evidence shows

Policy brief: The effectiveness of counter-radicalisation policies in Europe: what the evidence shows

Blog article: Radicalisation in a new light: from security to social inclusion and equality

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Watch this video explaining what the “DARE – Dialogue about Radicalisation and Equality” project is all about


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