Cyprus: recognized refugees on hunger strike demand access to their rights!

A group of recognised refugees, who are in Cyprus with their families for longer than 10 years, are on hunger strike in front of the UNHCR in Nicosia, asking the government and UNHCR to cooperate in granting them Cypriot citizenship or to be relocated to another country, where they and their children can live in dignity

A group of recognized refugees in Cyprus is once again on hunger strike and from yesterday they also stopped taking water. Negatively affected by the crisis, what they demand is equal treatment and equal rights for all people, without any discrimination and exclusion, and most importantly their right to naturalization. Sign the petition asking for the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and the UNHCR Representation in Cyprus to cooperate to save the lives of the refugees:

For more information, visit KISA Action for Equality, Support, Anti-racism’s website:


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