Capacity building session for National Projects

ENAR is hosting a capacity building session for its members on 9-10 November 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

This meeting will mainly revisit some concepts of project application and management with the objective to:

(a) Build understanding of ENAR advocacy work and how to better streamline national and European actions
(b) Enhance the capacity of members to apply for internal funding schemes
(c) Prepare effective communication strategies
(d) Strengthen organisations’ knowledge on impact monitoring and assessment

Aim of the meeting

This will be a two-day training session and the aim of this exercise is to strengthen the expertise and knowledge of our membership to apply for ENAR’s internal funding scheme and beyond.

Who can attend this session?

Only organisations who have not benefited from the ENAR National Project scheme in 2017 are eligible to attend this session. However, spaces will be limited and we will be selecting participants based on the need to build capacity and to strengthen their engagement as a member of the network.

Further questions

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact Juliana:

Information sheet
Presentation of capacity-building session
Presentation on communication and dissemination strategies


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