Call to Report Cases of Anti-migrant Racism

Since 2016 has been a year with an increase in anti-migrant racism across Europe, we will relaunch ENAR’s map of anti-migrant violence, hatred and sentiment in Europe at the International Migrants Day at 18th of December.

November 30th– The map has already been very successful when shared during the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants in September. In order make the map more comprehensive and to cover incidents not reported by European-wide media, we are inviting you to add cases of violence, police violence and hate speech targeting migrants, border controls and anti-refugee policies to the ENAR anti-racism database. You can also send cases directly to Ojeaku (

We invite you to report cases since the beginning of 2015 in form of news articles, press statements or entries on your website or in blogs. The information provided can be comprised of data/statistics (official and unofficial), information on court cases, research reports, news articles or audio-visual material.

Please send us or upload your cases until the 16th of December.

We highly appreciate your support to make anti-migrant racism visible to the public.


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