ENAR call for political satire artists to collaborate

Call for Political Satire Cartoonists 

ENAR is searching for political satire cartoonists interested in anti-racism to bring a collaborative project to life. The selected artists will be compensated for their work. 

What is ENAR?

You don’t know who ENAR is? Well, allow us to give you a brief introduction then. ENAR stands for the European Network Against Racism, we’re a coalition of charities and non-profit organisations who work day in and day out to combat racism and secure better lives for people who are directly and indirectly affected by it. We champion the cause of people who are excluded, often left behind, or worse scapegoated for things they are not responsible for.

Project Scope: Denounce racism through humour

Racism is a serious issue. In fact, it’s so serious that it seems almost impossible to talk about it without having a serious conversation or debate. Surely, there has to be another way! 

Political cartoons have a long history of disarming difficult societal conversations by using humor. Summing up difficult concepts in one simple image, these illustrations foster a sense of togetherness and nurture a better understanding of ourselves and each other.  

ENAR would like to partner up with political cartoonists to develop a series of 4 visuals illustrating current events from an anti-racist scope. You do not need to already have a specific event in mind for this project. The visual would ideally depict a recent event in the news cycle to make sure it is timely and relevant. 

Calling all artists… calling you!

ENAR is calling upon your powers because art is one of the most powerful forms of expression.  

Join us as the voice of anti-racism in Europe to bring this project to life. We are looking to develop 4 visuals to be delivered before the end of 2023. We are ideally looking for 4 different artists to develop 1 visual each. 

Each visual should be developed in your own artistic style and tone and highlight the racism aspect involved in a recent incident – some examples provided below: 

Source: https://www.cartoonstock.com/cartoon?searchID=CS395853
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/ClHq5cRhW4A/

The graphics you create for us will be shared across ENAR website, social media channels, newsletters, in addition to being shared with our 150+ member organisations across Europe.

Who are you? 

You are an artist with a keen interest in human rights issues in Europe. We definitely encourage you to contact us if you are of a marginalised background. You are also based in the European Union. 

What do you get if you are selected?

  • Your art is work. We fully intend on paying for it. The collaboration includes a remuneration of 750€ per visual upon delivery.
  • Prime exposure as an artist contributing to an anti-racist cause.
  • An extra tick in your portfolio. 
  • Exclusive interviews about you promoted through ENAR’s communications channels.

Let’s work together!

Interested in sharing your talent with us for this project? Great! Let our Communications and Press Manager, Nabil, know by writing him an introductory email at nabil@enar-eu.org before 3 September 2023. Your email should include:

  • Examples of your work (social media, digital portfolio).
  • Country or issue on which you would be interested to focus on (ex: police brutality in France, migration in Greece, etc).
  • Average lead time between an event of interest and delivery of visual.
  • Any additional information you would like to share!

Collaborations will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We look forward to working with you! 


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