Call for applications to promote ENAR strategies at the national level

ENAR is launching a new call to support the work of its members, as part of the overall mission of the network.

Who can apply?

All ENAR member organisations (*) can apply to coordinate a national/local ENAR project. The ENAR Board will select member organisations to implement national and local activities in accordance with ENAR work programme, provided this member has specific expertise in one of ENAR’s areas of work (see below) and presented the best application (selection criteria below).

(*) Only member organisations having paid the 2016 membership fee. No applications will be accepted from non-members and individuals.

Goal of the national projects

– to combine member organisations’ priorities and expertise and the network’s objectives in concrete national/local activities
– to strengthen sharing of expertise at national level and to learn from each other
– to have a concrete positive impact for the Victims of racism
– to reinforce the cooperation among ENAR members at the national level to strengthen the expertise and knowledge of ENAR members at national level

Period of project implementation

Your project should implement activities between 30 April to 30 November 2016.

Deadline for applications

The deadline for submitting the National Project proposals is Friday, 23 April 2016. If approved by the Board, each project applicant will be required to incorporate the changes sent by ENAR Secretariat and submit the final draft within 7 days of receiving the ENAR Secretariat’s recommendations for changes.


The selected applicant shall receive a maximum amount of 2500€. This payment includes all administrative costs and taxes, when required by law also VAT. The payment will be done in two installments: one once the contract is signed (50%) and the second following positive evaluation of the project report.

Selection criteria

The Applicants responding to this call are expected to:
1. Develop a project proposal based on one of ENAR’s strategic objectives in one or more areas of work below (see attached highlights for 2016) and define which actions will be undertaken in the frame of the project:

  • Equality data collection
  • Racist crime/hate speech
  • Afrophobia
  • Islamophobia
  • Anti-Gypsyism
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Employment
  • Community mobilisation
  • Migration/integration
  • Security/policing

2. Explain how other national ENAR members will be engaged during the execution of the project. Actions can target advocacy, communications, campaigning, network development or research activities.

3. Implement the activities described in the project proposal and monitor results and impact.

4. Respond to ENAR’s consultations and enquiries during the implementation of the project

5. Provide ENAR with a final activity report by 31st December 2016.

Only members which have honored their annual membership fee are entitled to apply to this call.

More than one project can be selected in the same Member States under the condition that the proposals address different strategic areas or portfolios.

How to apply

Applications should be marked “ENAR Projects – name of the country – 2016 – your organisation” and should include the project proposal (using the annexed template). The proposal should be sent to Juliana Wahlgren ( by latest 23 April 2016.

Application form

If selected, each Applicant may be required by the ENAR Secretariat to incorporate changes and to submit the final draft within 7 days.


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