Call for action: Send a letter on the use of racist language by Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke

Following the use of the n-word by Janusz Korwin-Mikke a Polish MEP, ENAR and Black-led member organisations are calling for a strong and timely statement from the President of the European Parliament and the heads of European political groups sanctioning the use of this racist and demeaning word.

A letter was sent by ENAR to the European Political Groups.

You can use this letter as a tool for a large-scale outreach at national level!

– Translate the letter into your national language, if possible.
– Send a copy of the letter to political parties in your country, especially those affiliated to S&D, European Greens, EPP, ALDE, GUE and ECR (in English, if a translation is not possible).
– Disseminate it to your traditional press media contacts + through social media channels.
– Use the letter to meet representatives of your national parties to discuss what could be done in this regard and to collect evidence of internal sanction mechanisms from political parties in your member state.


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