Latvia Wants to Ban Face Veils, for All 3 Women Who Wear Them (April 2016)
Alors qu’il s’apprêtait à courir les 10 miles d’Anvers, Mohamed se fait sauter dessus par quatre policiers en civil et emmener au poste (April 2016)
Is Belgium’s Interior Minister Copying Trump? (April 2016)
AfD takes overt anti-Islam stance (April 2016)
Muslim women are most often target of anti-Islamic violence in the Netherlands (April 2016)
Five years into ban, burqa divide widens in France (April 2016)
Hate crime against Muslims rises tenfold in Spain (April 2016)
Islamophobia threatens democracy in Europe, report says (April 2016)
Islamic headscarves should be banned in universities, says French prime minister (April 2016)
Violent clash at far-right protest outside east London mosque (April 2016)
No minister with headscarf says presidential hopeful (April 2016)
Muslim women much less likely to be employed than non-Muslim women with same qualifications, research suggests (April 2016)
#Halalchallenge: Racism in the guise of animal rights (April 2016)
Moment stranger angrily confronts Muslim woman in full-face veil after ‘Batman’ jibe caught on camera (April 2016)
Prevent gives people permission to hate Muslims – it has no place in schools (April 2016)
‘We are always treated as suspects’ (VIDEO) (March 2016)
Bavarian AfD wants to shut down mosques (March 2016)
Insultée et violentée: Soumaya victime de la première agression anti-musulman après les attentats (March 2016)
Poor reporting, media illiteracy fuel Islamophobia (March 2016)
French women’s rights minister accused of racism over term ‘negro’ (March 2016)
French fashion mogul Pierre Bergé hits out at ‘Islamic’ clothing (March 2016)
UK tabloid censured over story on Muslims’ ISIL support (March 2016)
In a divided nation, Muslims say they’re more Belgian than ever (March 2016)
Video footage shows recently-elected MP attacking Arab family including children last year (March 2016)
Netherlands mosque attacks and rising Islamophobia (March 2016)
Child abuse failings by Rotherham council ‘led to rise in Islamophobia’ (March 2016)
After Paris Terror Attacks, France Struggles With Faith on the Job (February 2016)
The so-called ‘Islamic rape of Europe’ is part of a long and racist history (February 2016)
How Muslims are using social media to shame European cops (February 2016)
ARDI and WGAS host roundtable on outcomes of EU Colloquium on Fundamental Rights on antisemitic and anti-Muslim hatred and hate speech


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