Teachers protest Roma people eviction (April 2016)
More action needed to support Roma inclusion and combat anti-Gypsyism (April 2016)
EU Roma Week: From words to action (ENAR op-ed) (April 2016)
European Court issues emergency measure to stop Italy from evicting Roma family (March 2016)
Apartheid and segregation are being applied to Romani schoolchildren in the Czech Republic (March 2016)
Romania turns its back on dark past of Roma slavery (March 2016)
Women’s rights, education among highlights in new Roma inclusion action plan (March 2016)
Met told to reinvestigate ‘racist abuse’ of Gypsies and Travellers (March 2016)
Court finds violation of Roma woman’s rights (February 2016)
Czech school Inspection finds school’s “Romani class” offers substandard instruction, fee charged for regular instruction (February 2016)
Europe-wide project turns Roma victims into citizens (February 2016)
Question for written answer to the Commission on the forced evictions of Roma (February 2016)
Council of Europe: European countries must stop forced evictions of Roma (February 2016)
Travellers – Time to counter deep-rooted hostility (February 2016)
Czech extremist who killed Roma to run in regional polls (February 2016)
Hundreds of Roma face eviction from the biggest shantytown in Paris (February 2016)
Terminating the criminal proceedings related to police violence against Roma is illegal (February 2016)
International Holocaust Remembrance Day: It’s urgent to take a strong stance against anti-Gypsyism (January 2016)
Roma turn to Europe rights court over razed camp in Poland (January 2016)
More than 11.000 Roma migrants forcefully evicted in France in 2015 (January 2016)
Hungary top court jails serial killers of Roma for life (January 2016)
Number of Hungarian Roma matriculating from high school doubles to 20% (January 2016)
Two Milestones Put Romani Cultural Discourse in the Hands of Roma Themselves (January 2016)
Launch eRomaresource platform (2016)
Serbian Roma see no way out of misery after German doors slammed shut (December 2015)
12 results in 2015 that will make Europe a better place for Roma (December 2015)
Free to hate? Anti-Gypsyism in 21st Century Europe (December 2015)
Anti-Roma actions in Belgium and the Czech Republic highlight need for real inclusion measures (June 2015)
International Day Against Racial Discrimination: Recognise past abuses against minority groups (March 2015)


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